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Starters (前菜)
Vegetable Gyoza (野菜餃子)  Fried vegetable dumpling in Japanese style £ 6.00
Chicken Gyoza Chicken and vegetable dumpling £ 6.00
Prawn Gyoza ( エビ餃子 ) Prawn and vegetable dumpling £ 6.00
Yakitori Grilled chicken and sweet onion, served with teriyaki sauce £ 6.50
Tori Teba Grilled chicken wing with spring onion skewers salt & pepper £ 6.50
Pumpkin Corokke  Deep fried green pumpkin £ 5.00
Tori Kara Age Deep fried marinated chicken £ 6.00
Yasai Harumaki  Deep fried homemade mixed vegetable spring roll £ 5.00
Nasu Agedashi  Deep fried diced aubergines in special soy sauce £ 5.20
Nasu Dengaku  Deep fried diced aubergines in sweet miso sauce £ 7.00
Agedashi Tofu (揚げ豆腐)  Deep fried bean curd in sauce £ 6.00
Asparagus Butter (アスパラガス)  Pan fried asparagus in butter and soy sauce £ 6.50
Buta Kimchi ( 豚キムチ) Fried pork with spicy Kimchi £ 10.50
King prawn tempura (5pcs) Deep fried battered king prawn £ 12.50
Vegetable Tempura  Assorted battered vegetables £ 11.50
Tempura Moriawase Deep fried lightly battered king prawn & vegetables £ 12.50
Renkon Chips Deep fried sliced Routs root £ 4.50
Tako Yaki Fried octopus ball £ 6.00
Ebi Fried (3pcs) (エビフライ) Deep fried king prawn with bread crumb £ 8.00
Chikuwa Age (ちくわの揚げ) Deep fried fish cake £ 5.80
Sake-kawa Ponzu (ちくわの揚げ) Salmon skin with ponzu £ 5.00
Kaki Fried (カキフライ) Deep fried oyster £ 12.00
Tako Kara Age (たこ唐揚げ) Deep fried octopus £ 7.50
Sesame Salmon Tataki (サケのたたきゴマ付き) Grilled salmon with sesame seed in Lingo sauce £ 8.90
Sesame Tuna Tataki (マグロのたたきゴマ付き) Grilled tuna sesame seed with mixed salad in Lingo sauce £ 9.90

Nasu Dengaku Tori Karage Vegetable Gyoza Agedashi Tofu