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Pickles and Salad (Vegetables) 漬け物とサラダ(野菜)
Oshinko ( おしんこ )  Assorted pickles £ 4.80
Kimchi    £ 4.00
Edamame (枝豆)  Boiled green soy beans with salt £ 4.80
Chilli Edamame (辛味枝豆)  Fried green soy beans in sweet chilli sauce £ 4.90
Horenso Oshidashi (ホウレンソウ)  Boiled spinach in sesame seed oil £ 4.50
Horenso Goma-Ae  Boiled spinach in sesame paste £ 5.50
Seaweed Salad (海藻サラダ)  Seaweed with Japanese dressing £ 5.00
Mixed Salad (野菜サラダ)  Mixed fresh salad in Lingo special sauce (Olive oil, Grapeseed oil) £ 5.00
Moyashi Itame (もやし炒め)  Fried bean sprouts in soy sauce £ 7.50
B.B.Q Salad (バーベキューサラダ) Grilled beef with mixed salad in Lingo special sauce £ 6.50
Tofu salad (豆腐のサラダ)  Tofu with seasoned soya sauce £ 6.50
Sunomono Mori Mixed seafood with seaweed in sweet sauce £ 8.00
Soft Shell Crab Salad Deep fried soft shell crab with salad in plum sauce £ 9.80